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At roughly $5,000 per house, cool cell pads are one of most expensive housing investments producers make. With winter temperatures above average and spring temperatures expected to bring much of the same across the U.S., the role of evaporative cooling systems cannot be understated.


What is the State of Your Cool Cells?

Cool cell pads have been sitting dormant for months, so now is the time to double check they are ready for the approaching warmer weather.

Ideally, pads were cleaned at the end of last season’s use. However, if pad maintenance was overlooked, there is still limited time to prepare. Cleaning pads during downtime in March will set the stage for summer performance, especially since the warm, wet winter has spurred significant algae staining in many areas. Waiting until April or May, when it’s likely the system will be in use, puts producers behind from the beginning of the warm weather season.

The Effects of Poor Maintenance

Without proper cleaning and maintenance, cool cells will restrict air flow throughout the house. Clogged pads will force fans to work harder and reduce the cooling effect on birds. The inability to properly cool birds will not be evident until a few weeks into the flock, when it’s most important since larger birds put off more heat.

In addition, poor maintenance can cause mineral deposit buildup that cannot be reversed, causing an investment with an expected 10-year life span to decrease to five or six years at best.  Plus, if water cannot flow freely into the pads, dry spots will allow hot air to enter the house with zero cooling effect.

Smart Cool Cell Cleaning Tips

Dirty water equals dirty pads, so start by dumping water and removing debris from the sump. This is a commonly missed step, but vital to performance.

To clean the cool cell pads:

  • Remove the pads and inspect them for damage, repairing or replacing where necessary
  • Rinse dust and debris from both sides of the pad at a lower pressure to extend the pad lifespan
  • Clean the areas around the pads, including frame and gutters
  • Clean and replace filters, if needed

Once the system is clean, flush the distribution pipe with clean water for roughly ten minutes to address any clogs. Then put the pads back into the system and check water distribution to ensure water is reaching all areas of the pad.

Extend Cool Cell Lifespan, Increase Efficiency with SWASHCOOL-CELL

Evaporative cooling pads lose efficiency to mineral build-up, face expedited deterioration from continual cleaning, and can cause increased utility bills due to inefficient airflow.

SWASHCOOL-CELL works to reduce build-up and improve the airflow of existing evaporative cooling systems in three ways:

  1. Balance pH. The water in many wells has a pH in the high 7 range, with many samples reaching 8 and even 9. SWASHCOOL-CELL binds carbonates to balance water pH, allowing the chelating and dispersant agents in the product to work more efficiently.
  2. Keep minerals soluble. The chelating agents in SWASHCOOL-CELL bind minerals and iron keeping them in solution, allowing for easy removal of built-up mineral scale on pads and preventing minerals from adhering to the filter system.
  3. Disperse dust. Dirt and dust can easily build up on pads and decrease performance. The dispersant in SWASHCOOL-CELL keeps dirt and dust in solution, preventing it from penetrating deep into the pad, while also working to evenly distribute water over the pad for more even cooling during operation and quicker drying between cycles.

Plus, unlike some products that have a strong odor and cannot be applied with birds in the house, SWASHCOOL-CELL is odorless and can be added to the cool cell sump at any time throughout the flock assuming that temperatures are sufficient to run the evaporative cooling system. Once you begin recirculating the water in the cool cell system, SWASHCOOL-CELL will go to work cleaning and maintaining your pads.

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