Summer Cool Cell Preparation on Sow Farms

Posted by Jones-Hamilton Co. on Mar 26, 2020
Jones-Hamilton Co.

Warmer weather is on its way, and for some parts of the country, the temperatures are already climbing. Although spring has just begun, it is time to prepare your sow barns for the longer, hotter days ahead.


Preparing Your Cool Cells for Warmer Weather

Whether you clean and prep your cool cell pads before the onset of winter or after the final thaw (or both), maintaining your system for a productive summer is an important part of your process.

Sow farms, especially, depend on efficient cool cell performance. Sows are largely impacted not just by heat, alone, but also by the relative humidity in the environment. When humidity is too high, evaporation cannot occur, making it more difficult to run cool cell pads. Therefore, any additional insult to the efficacy of your cool-cell pads could be even more detrimental for your animals.

By cleaning and prepping your cool cells now, you will be able to ensure your sow barns are receiving the full benefits of the system come late spring and summer.

The Importance of Regular Maintenance

Sows, like other animals, are largely impacted by humidity and temperature. The skin temperature of sows in hot climates is approximately 90 degrees. If the air temperature in the house is not properly maintained, it becomes increasingly more difficult to cool the sows as the air temperature reaches that of their skin. This is where evaporative cooling systems step in.

For evaporative cooling systems to perform at their best, regular cleaning and maintenance is needed.  One of the best ways to ensure proper airflow, temperature, and efficiency — regardless of climate — is by managing cool cell pad thickness and cleanliness.

Now is the time to check both your cool cell pads and your entire system to make sure your swine houses are properly cooled in the coming months. Here are a few tips for spring cleaning your system.

To clean the cool cell pads:

  • Dump dirty water and remove any debris from the sump
  • Check all pump screens and filters for cleanliness
  • Inspect pads for damage, degrading, and cleanliness
  • Replace any pads with excessive damage
  • Use low-pressure water to rinse both sides of each pad
  • Clean all frames and gutters — the cleaner the entire system, the better it performs
  • Flush the entire system with clean water and ensure proper water distribution to every part of the cool cell pads

Cool Cell Pro Tip: Improve Your System with SWASHCOOL-CELL

The above cleaning and maintenance practices will help you keep your system running efficiently and protect your swine houses in the midst of summer's hottest months. To help extend the lifetime of your cool cell pads — and improve system performance — our SWASHCOOL-CELL is an easy way to maintain your evaporative cooling system.

Throughout their lifetime, cool cell pads experience algae stains, mineral scale build-up, deterioration, and decreased airflow; all of which can have an impact on your utility bills. SWASHCOOL-CELL works to protect your system while you're using it, limiting the amount of cleaning and maintenance you need to do during the months it is most in use.

The product has several benefits, including balancing the pH of your water and  removing algae stains; binding minerals to also reduce mineral scale; using dispersants to force dirt to disperse in the water and keep it from clogging your pads.

SWASHCOOL-CELL works by being added to your cool cell sump while the evaporative cooling system is in use. The product is odorless, safe for your sow barn, and immediately goes to work keeping your system clean, balanced, and working efficiently to cool your sows.

To explore more about SWASHCOOL-CELL, please click here.



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