Light Trap Maintenance in the Summer: What’s Different and How SWASHDUST-REPEL™ Can Help

Posted by Jones-Hamilton Co. on May 20, 2021
Jones-Hamilton Co.

When it comes to poultry house ventilation, it’s vital to remember that the lower the total house static pressure can be kept, the easier and cheaper it will be for fans to move air through the house. While this is vital at all times of the year, it is especially crucial during hot summer months when heat stress can negatively impact birds. In the winter, if target static pressure is not reached additional fans can be turned on. In the summer fans are more easily maxed out.


For pullet houses, managing static pressure means considering the impact of all building components fans must work against, including evaporative cooling pads and light traps. James Donald at Auburn University recommends that total combined static pressure “from the evaporative pad + inlet trap + exhaust trap be kept to 0.15 inches S.P. or lower1.”

Brush up on how light traps work here

Maintaining Pullet House Light Traps for Summer Success

The buildup of dust and feathers on cool cell pads and light traps can quickly increase static pressure and decrease fan performance. With the average pullet grow out period running 20-22 weeks, it’s important to take time to maintain light traps and cool cell pads between flocks to ensure sufficient ventilation when birds are in the house.


During the average two-to-four-week downtime period:

  • Use a backpack blower to blow off built-up dust and features from light traps, or spray light traps down to clean
  • Apply SWASHDUST-REPEL™to the exhaust and intake side of each light trap to make dust removal quick and easy for future flocks regardless of cleaning method. All surfaces treated with SWASH Dust-Repel must be thoroughly wet-cleaned prior to application.
  • Clean cool cell pads and treat them with SWASHCOOL-CELL™.  Click here for more detailed cool-cell maintenance tips. 
Why Add SWASHDUST-REPEL™ to Your Light Trap Cleaning Process?

By reducing dust weight and drag, SWASHDUST-REPEL™ may help fans operate more efficiently. The product works by altering the way dust sticks to surfaces, making it easier to remove. When applied to virtually any surface in a poultry operation where dust is an issue, SWASHDUST-REPEL™ can:

  • Shorten cleaning time
  • Enhance farm hygiene
  • Save time and money by making dust removal quick and easy
  • Require less water to clean, thereby decreasing water usage

As the hot weather gets closer, take a little extra time to think about cleaning your light traps, cool cell pads and fans in order to increase ventilation efficiency. Learn how the addition of SWASH™ can help.

1 Darkout Pullet House Design Considerations



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