Increase Biosecurity and Efficiency by Simplifying Equipment Cleaning

Posted by Jones-Hamilton Co. on Jun 9, 2020
Jones-Hamilton Co.

While biosecurity has been emphasized on poultry and swine farms for years, attention paid to maintaining secure facilities has increased recently as the nation focused more on animal and human health in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. On poultry farms, the primary method of transmission of disease-causing microorganisms is the use of contaminated equipment or worker clothing and footwear. It has long been documented that harmful viruses and bacteria can move from one flock or one farm to the next on trucks, tractors and other equipment.1

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A standard biosecurity procedure is to limit traffic on poultry and swine facilities. However, we must also be aware that many farms require the help of outside service providers in daily operations, such as litter treatment and insecticide applicators, house setup personnel and others. These support services help producers maintain performance and streamline operations for maximum efficiency.

For service professionals as well as producers, maintaining clean, functional equipment is vital for biosecurity and overall safety and efficiency. Proper maintenance and cleaning will not only limit the spread of pathogens and extend the life of the equipment, it can also reduce the likelihood of equipment fires.

Properly maintaining and cleaning farm equipment is one of the most important steps you can take to prevent an equipment fire. To limit the threat:

  • Start each day with clean equipment and clean off reside as the day goes on, as necessary. Three-fourths of all machinery fires start in the engine or engine compartment, so focus near those areas.2
  • Spray off caked-on grease, litter, manure, oil and residue; grease and oil accelerate a fire causing it to spread quickly.
  • Regularly inspect equipment for signs of wear, leaks or other hazards.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule.

Enhance and Simplify Cleaning with SWASHEQUIPMENT

For service providers and producers who need to regularly clean equipment in order to address these challenges, the process can be very time consuming. SWASHEQUIPMENT offers an easy way to simplify and speed up cleaning processes, while also helping to keep equipment looking newer, longer with a protective shield.

When applied to glass and painted surfaces, SWASHEQUIPMENT:

  • Improves biosecurity by making manure, litter and other organic matter easy to remove
  • Decreases fire risk due to dust accumulation
  • Decreases drying and out-of-service time for vehicles and equipment
  • Makes vehicles easier to clean
  • Makes bug splatter easier to remove
  • Creates a glossy finish that keeps equipment looking new for longer

Triple-Action Formulation for Improved Cleaning 

SWASHEQUIPMENT contains anti-static, film-forming and hydrophobic agents that work in-tandem to enhance cleaning processes.

  1. The anti-static agent prevents dust accumulation by reducing static charge
  2. The silicone-based film-forming agent creates a barrier on vehicles and equipment. This is vital for service providers who constantly put their equipment under the strain of use and rewashing. The strong film holds up over time and is only removed under a high-pressure spray of 150 psi+.
  3. The hydrophobic agent repels water, which speeds drying time and decreases out-of-use time for vital equipment.

With the use of SWASHEQUIPMENT, it’s easy to decrease grass buildup and rinse off residue on mowers, clean decakers between farms or houses, and remove mud and other grime from ATVs – among other things.

Contact us today to learn how SWASHEQUIPMENT can help you clean and maintain equipment and vehicles.





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