How to Control Mineral Scale & Algae Stains in Evaporative Cooling Systems

Posted by Jones-Hamilton Co. on Jun 26, 2019
Jones-Hamilton Co.

Whether you work in the poultry or swine industry, chances are that you use an evaporative cooling system to keep your animals comfortable and healthy as temperatures climb during the warmer months. 

And as you may know, despite the fact that these cooling systems can be incredibly beneficial to those in the agriculture industry, they can also experience issues like mineral scaling, algae staining and uneven water distribution — which ultimately results in reduced system functionality.

That’s why we designed SWASHCOOL-CELL.


SWASHCOOL-CELL is a liquid solution that controls the water quality and reduces mineral scale build-up thereby improving airflow in evaporative cooling systems.


How is SWASHCOOL-CELL™ used, and how much does it cost?

This liquid solution comes in 5-gallon pails. The cost is $100 per pail. This upfront cost may seem high when compared to other cool cell cleaners on the market — but that is because unlike those products, SWASHCOOL-CELL is a strong enough chelating agent that it can dissolve hard water deposits, thus helping cooling systems maintain better water quality for a much longer period of time.

How does SWASHCOOL-CELL™ actually work?

SWASHCOOL-CELL has been formulated to bind carbonates to balance water pH, allowing the chelating and dispersant agents in the product to work more efficiently. The longevity of the pH shift depends on source water quality but regardless of duration, it is long enough for SWASHCOOL-CELL to begin working on hard water deposits. 

That’s when the chelating agents in the SWASHCOOL-CELL formula can really begin to do their job.  The Jones-Hamilton Co. team specifically selected the strongest, most effective chelating agents we could find. These are relatively expensive raw materials compared to commodity acids. However, the cost:benefit ratio is well worth that added expense. The chelating agents in SWASHCOOL-CELL bind minerals and iron keeping them in solution and not on the pad, allowing for easy removal of built-up mineral scale on pads and preventing minerals from adhering to the filter system.  Beyond that, chelating agents will also slowly remove pre-existing mineral scale and hard water deposits, even at a high pH.

As our team analyzed the sump water from SWASHCOOL-CELL treated systems, we found that the chelating capacity is sustained in the system for a much longer period of time even after water pH returns to its former level. 

What does that actually mean? It means the life span of SWASHCOOL-CELL is better than we had originally thought at the beginning of product development, when we just focused on pH alone. 

It also means that while the upfront cost of SWASHCOOL-CELL may appear to be high, once the cool cells are clean, this upfront cost is able to be spread over multiple growouts, due to the ability of SWASHCOOL-CELL to keep hard water minerals dissolved in the water rather than being deposited on the pad.

Where can I find more information about SWASHCOOL-CELL™?

If you’re interested in learning more about SWASHCOOL-CELL and how the solution could control sump water quality, reduce mineral scale build-up, and improve airflow in your evaporative cooling system, please contact Jones-Hamilton Co. here. A member of our team will be in touch as soon as possible.

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SWASH™ is owned by Jones-Hamilton Co., a leading provider of science-backed solutions to the animal agriculture industry. Led by industry veterans who understand the challenges faced by producers, the SWASH™ team is dedicated to providing reliable, high-quality chemicals backed by dependable customer service and knowledgeable technical support. Our team knows that every penny matters and works continuously to ensure value, maximize efficacy, and enhance the bottom line.


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