Four Ways SWASH™ Simplifies Cleaning in Poultry Production

Posted by Jones-Hamilton Co. on Sep 28, 2021
Jones-Hamilton Co.

The SWASH™ line of products simplify cleaning in a variety of ways throughout each step of poultry production–from hatch to grow-out. Here are four different ways SWASH™ products can make your work easier along the way.

SWASHEQUIPMENT™ on Poultry Windrowing Equipment

For Merle Zimmerman, cleaning equipment is a big part of every day. He provides windrowing, pulverizing and house keeping services to poultry growers in Pennsylvania. “My equipment is in a very dirty environment all of the time,” commented Zimmerman.

Merle was introduced to SWASHEQUIPMENT by a friend who gave him a gallon to try. “I applied it and then didn’t think a whole lot about it.” That is until he got caught in a rainstorm one day. “I left a job with a dirty windrower and drove through a rain storm. When I got to the next farm and unloaded, it looked like I hand washed it. There wasn’t a spec of dirt on it.”

Now Merle uses SWASHEQUIPMENT™ every one to two weeks to keep the protective shield on his equipment and make clean up easier and quicker. “It has really cut down on the hours I spend cleaning equipment.”

Merle purchased a new tractor at the beginning of the year. He commented that, “I’m eager to see how well it keeps it from fading. I’m going to try it on my aluminum trailer, too.”


cool cellEvaporative Cooling Systems

Cleaning pads in evaporative cooling systems can take five to six days for a 4-house broiler farm. This is a task roughly 85% of growers neglect according to a focus group of live production personnel. SWASHCOOL-CELL™ is one way for growers to cut down on cleaning time while maintaining pad performance and extending the life of pads. How does SWASHCOOL-CELL™ work so well?

SWASHCOOL-CELL™ is an all-in-one, single application solution that binds minerals and iron keeping them in solution, allowing for easy removal of built-up mineral scale on pads and preventing minerals from adhering to the filter system. It also works to keeps dirt and dust in solution, preventing it from penetrating deep into the pad, while also working to evenly distribute water over the pad for more even cooling during operation and quicker drying between cycles.

For growers SWASHCOOL-CELL™ offers the big benefit of shortening cleaning timeline, allowing for adequate cleaning between flocks even with tight turnaround times.

Get other cool cell maintenance tips here:

dust repelFans
Good directional airflow is essential in poultry houses. In summer, fans work to cool birds and remove moisture. In winter, they ensure proper air mixing from floor to ceiling to avoid stratification and remove ammonia. Regardless of the time of year, dust build up on fans is a reality.

SWASHDUST-REPEL™ has a high concentration anti-static agent that prevents dust from accumulating on surfaces. Plus, the hydrophobic agent deters condensation, which keeps dust from turning into the thick cake that can impact ventilation equipment performance. SWASHDUST-REPEL™ is a great tool for keeping dry organic matter such as dust or dust build-up, from straining your farm’s ventilation equipment.

Hatch Trays
houseThe biggest challenge in hatcheries are hygiene related. Proper cleaning techniques are very labor intensive and are often performed inconsistently. Hatch trays or baskets in particular are a challenge to clean.

SWASHHOUSE™ is one way to simplify and improve the effectiveness of cleaning. The surfactant in SWASHHOUSE™ works to extend coverage area of the product while enabling shorter drying times, the film-forming agent creates a surface barrier that allows organic material to be easily rinsed off, and the hydrophobic agent repels direct and ambient moisture to help prevent organic material from caking on surfaces. Combined, this allows the product to help maintain more consistent hygiene levels, regardless of variation in worker cleaning practices, while also decreasing cleaning times by 25-50%. Less cleaning time means lower water usage as well.

Have you discovered any of these ways SWASH™ works to simplifying cleaning? We’d love to hear your story. Contact us to share your experience or to learn more about other SWASH™ products and possibilities.



SWASH™ is owned by Jones-Hamilton Co., a leading provider of science-backed solutions to the animal agriculture industry. Led by industry veterans who understand the challenges faced by producers, the SWASH™ team is dedicated to providing reliable, high-quality chemicals backed by dependable customer service and knowledgeable technical support. Our team knows that every penny matters and works continuously to ensure value, maximize efficacy, and enhance the bottom line.


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