Biosecurity and Farm Equipment Cleaning Challenges? Protect Your Farm with SWASHEQUIPMENT™

Posted by Jones-Hamilton Co. on Jul 27, 2021
Jones-Hamilton Co.

The saying ‘do one thing and do it well’ has been referenced many times in business, and has helped countless professionals gain the focus necessary to deliver a game-changing product or solution. In many business cases, that phrase is applicable. When it comes to SWASHEQUIPMENT, however, more really is possible.

swash equipment

That’s because the SWASHEQUIPMENT formula contains three separate agents that work as a multi-faceted, single application solution. First, an anti-static agent reduces static charge to prevent dust from accumulating on surfaces. By preventing accumulation, equipment stays cleaner for longer. And, in the case of dry debris like hay, it can also work to reduce the risk of equipment fires.

Second, the hydrophobic agent in SWASHEQUIPMENT repels moisture, which speeds up drying time. When you have multiple pieces of equipment to clean and many more tasks ahead for the day, these precious minutes can add up.

Today, the focus is on the third component of the SWASHEQUIPMENT formula – the protective agent. A silicone-based film-forming agent creates a strong barrier on equipment that protects surfaces from environmental insults, such as dirt, grime, road salts and bug splatter. For poultry farm equipment such as tillers and windrowers that constantly face dirty challenges from manure, this barrier can help extend the life of the equipment.

The barrier creates a glossy finish on metal, plastic, fiberglass, and glass that is only removed under high-pressure spray (150 psi+). What does this mean exactly for equipment on the farm? One Facebook user shared a story on the commercial poultry farmers group that shows the real-world benefit of SWASHEQUIPMENT:

     “I just realized how SWASH™ works. I had been applying it to my       
     equipment. Drove through rain on my way to my next job and it looks
     like it went through the car wash! Tractor hasn't been washed in 2 weeks.
     I need more SWASH™!”

The protective benefit of SWASHEQUIPMENT can extend to any piece of equipment on the farm, including ATVs. After cleaning ATVs, SWASHEQUIPMENT can be applied to all surfaces (excluding seats and foot pedals) with no drying or rinsing required. This will help inhibit buildup of dirt, litter, and other organic material to aid in farm biosecurity and help make the ATVs easier to clean in the future. Plus, the glossy finish works to make the ATV look as new as the day it was purchased despite everything you throw at it.

Think about all the areas the silicone-based barrier created by SWASHEQUIPMENT could protect your equipment and vehicles. Contact us today with questions or to place your order.



SWASH™ is owned by Jones-Hamilton Co., a leading provider of science-backed solutions to the animal agriculture industry. Led by industry veterans who understand the challenges faced by producers, the SWASH™ team is dedicated to providing reliable, high-quality chemicals backed by dependable customer service and knowledgeable technical support. Our team knows that every penny matters and works continuously to ensure value, maximize efficacy, and enhance the bottom line.


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