Biggest Cleaning Challenges in the Hatchery

Posted by Jones-Hamilton Co. on Jun 29, 2020
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The State of the Industry Today

The shift to antibiotic-free broiler production has created a great biosecurity challenge for the broiler industry. Tackling this challenge must begin in the hatchery with efficient cleaning programs that prepare surfaces for the application of registered disinfectants.

There are a number of areas within the hatchery that require special attention. For example, the hatcher faces multiple challenges, including buildup of debris, dead chicks and chick fluff. Organic matter from this area is easily spread to other areas of the facility by air movement, equipment and personnel. Air quality can also be impacted by this organic matter, as anything that can hinder the cleanliness of the ventilation system can also impact the overall environment, including air ducts and filters.


With those challenges in mind, hatchery cleaning and hygiene needs to focus in part on tray washers, fogging devices and other equipment, as well as highly-used egg trays, and the overall ventilation system. With all that ground to cover, it’s clear that hatchery managers have their work cut out for them.

A Look from the Inside

Cleaning is the most critical aspect of facility hygiene as it removes the buildup of organic debris to prepare the surface for the application of a registered disinfectant.

We asked a few hatchery managers about the top cleaning-related issues and challenges they faced; here is what we learned.

  1. The biggest challenge in hatcheries are hygiene related, but elbow grease can clean almost anything. However, proper cleaning is very labor intensive. Hatch trays or baskets are a challenge to clean. Hatchers, including the walls, floors, roof and doors, must be cleaned every hatch day.
  2. For a hatchery to be viable, cleaning hours must be kept down. Solutions that cut down on man hours are highly beneficial to operations, including solutions that make cleaning easier, are easy to use or apply, and extend the longevity of cleaning processes.
  3. After hatchers, the second area of concern are HVAC systems, specifically ducts. Twenty years ago, many hatcheries had evaporative cooling systems. Now, 95% are HVAC. These systems must be cleaned periodically. However, they are also very difficult to clean.
  4. Chick down is like saw dust, and it’s everywhere including on the ventilation ducts. “It’s very fine and abundant, and after two months it’s ½ inch deep and will stick to anything that’s half way moist,” said one hatchery manager.

Simplify Cleaning Processes with SWASH™

SWASH™ repellent and release products are easy to apply and work to shorten time-intensive cleaning processes by reducing the buildup of manure and other organic matter. The non-corrosive solution helps hatchery managers maintain more consistent hygiene levels, regardless of variation in worker cleaning practices, while also decreasing cleaning times by 25-50%. Less cleaning time means lower water usage as well. An added benefit of SWASH™ in the hatchery is that it reduces drying time and prepares surfaces for the application of registered disinfectants.

SWASH™ is a cost-effective, easy to apply product that packs a punch by working in three distinct ways.

  1. When applied to clean surfaces, a film-forming agent creates a surface barrier that allows organic material to be easily rinsed off.
  2. AA hydrophobic agent repels direct and ambient moisture to help prevent organic material from caking on surfaces.
  3. A surfactant works to extend the coverage area of the film-forming and hydrophobic agents while enabling shorter drying times.

What are your biggest challenges?

We want to hear from you! What are the biggest cleaning challenges you face in the hatchery and what processes have helped address them best?

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