An Updated Take on an Evolving Product Line

Posted by Jones-Hamilton Co. on Jul 25, 2020
Jones-Hamilton Co.

If you’ve been a SWASH™ customer or follower for a while, you might have noticed some changes in recent weeks. Back in December 2019, Jones-Hamilton Co. acquired FarmLab Innovations, LLC and the SWASH™ line of products. As a part of that transition, we have worked to become a part of the Jones-Hamilton Co. family in a number of ways.

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  1. New website and email addresses. Our website and email address is now We worked diligently to ensure this was a seamless transition for our customers, but please reach out if you experience any technical problems.
  2. Updated design. Wherever you see the SWASH™ name—including the website, emails, blogs, displays and more—you will see an updated look with new messaging, a revamped design and the addition of the Jones-Hamilton Co. name.
  3. New information. As with the evolution of any new product, we’re continually learning how our technology can work to address pressing industry challenges. Thanks to customer collaborations and work from the Jones-Hamilton technical team, we continue to expand the reach of SWASH™ in the animal production environment.

Thank you for your continued interest in SWASH™. We look forward to continuing our work with you to address your biggest cleaning and hygiene challenges.

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SWASH™ is owned by Jones-Hamilton Co., a leading provider of science-backed solutions to the animal agriculture industry. Led by industry veterans who understand the challenges faced by producers, the SWASH™ team is dedicated to providing reliable, high-quality chemicals backed by dependable customer service and knowledgeable technical support. Our team knows that every penny matters and works continuously to ensure value, maximize efficacy, and enhance the bottom line.


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